Vínculos sobre el clima

Satellite Loop - The first thing to check is the GOES 8 East channel 4 infra red loop. You can usually tell quite a bit from the way the clouds are moving if something is going to come our way or not. Not always but most of the time.

Satellite Still - If you don't have time to wait for the loop to load you can get the latest still photo which losds much faster.

National Hurricane Center - If you see something coming up the coast on the Satellite loop that looks like it is a possible Hurricane go here.

Storm Floater - This is satellite loop is focused in on the most intense storm in the viewing area of the Goes 8 East satellite and is updated every 5 minutes.

Another Weather Channel Link - (Spyware)

CNN Weather - As good as CNN.

Another Hurricane tracker -

Unisys Hurricane/Tropical Data - This site has some good stuff on the history of Hurricanes in our area. Click the East Pacific links.

PSC Weather Center -

Radar - I have checked this many times and it never does seem to corrleate with what is actually going on.

Top 20 Weather - Link to weather links

Tornado/Hurricane wind speed information. -

Weather Underground Manzanillo - (uses spyware)

Weather Underground Guadalajara - (uses spyware)

Weather Wonder - Answers to Weather questions.

Yahoo Weather Barra di Navidad

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