- Armando (Norman Perreira) -

Armando builds big island, sent in by Ray.
Armando builds big island
Armando waters big island, send in by Ray.
Armando waters big island
Armando_ready to cut Ray's hair.
Ready to cut Ray's hair
03-08-01 Armando and Daniel the night he sold his house.
Armando and Daniel
La Manzanilla Mexico, Armando, Costa Alegre, costalegre, Jalisco.
Armando 1
La Manzanilla Mexico, Armando 1 Costa Alegre, costalegre, Jalisco.
Armando 2
La Manzanilla Mexico, Armando 3, Costa Alegre, costalegre, Jalisco.
Armando 3
La Manzanilla Mexico, Armando 4, Costa Alegre, costalegre, Jalisco.
Armando 4
Armando was a dear, close friend and we shared many laughs and tears, good times and bad together. Our lives, and the lives of all who knew him, are diminished by the loss of his loving heart and gentle soul.

Vaya con dios, mi amigo!


It was a terrible shock to hear of Armando's death. Cheryl and I will miss him a lot, we'll remember him every time we look at our little garden. Armando helped us design and plant our garden last January. I'm attaching some photos of Armando creating what we nicknamed "The Big Island", in honor of his birthplace. We spent two wonderful days with Armando buying plants and planting them, talking about life, about his love of plants, about how he survived a horrific car crash in Hawaii, we heard about his role in Kevin Costner's "Waterworld"(and when we got back to Edmonton we rented it to see if we could find him... and we did). After working all day ,digging, planting and moving a big boulder or two, Armando stuck me into his hair cutting schedule...best haircut I've had for a long time.

Armando had an enormous heart.....the world is a much sadder place without him.

Ray and Cheryl


Armando was a great guy with a big heart, he was loved my many and will be sorely missed.



Armando loved gardening and we shared that many times. We were sad to hear that he was leaving La Manzanilla and now we are heart sick to lose him as a friend.
Our hearts go out to his mother.

Rusty and Julie


Armando was so full of life , passion, and enthusiasm for life's adventures. Wherever he is I am sure he retains that special sparkle that he expressed here with everyone he met. I shared many laughs, conversations and hugs with Armando. He was very open to everyone. I am so heart broken by his death. He will live on in our hearts and minds. I guess we never know what new beginnings are going to look like. Armando is on one of those new beginnings. May warm thoughts of love guide him gently on his way in his new life. The most sorrowful thing for me was that his passing was an act of violence, so sorry.



I am so sad re Armando whom I have known several years from San Miquel to La Manz-I am trusting he has found the right place and the peace he was searching for.



Armando sends:
greetings to all of you !
don't worry, don't be sad !
that's what I chose, the beginning and the end and the in between.
thank you for the moments I was able to share in my life, moments of happiness, of love and moments of pain, of desperation. for every feeling I have lived I am grateful because it gave me the chance of re-creation, growing and a new possibility to choose.

Love to all of you !
and don't worry: we'll meet again............


I just want to add my words of sadness and say how I will miss Armando and his crazy generous energy. Does anyone know how to reach his Mom? It would be good to write her, I think.

I wish I had seen him do his Hawaiian dance.




Sin Nombre

Your tenderness, your fondness, the fruitful delicacy of your hands are still here, with us.

No Name


Although I was with him for only a couple of days, I felt I've known him for a lifetime. I feel the loss of my newfound friend very profoundly. He was the most honest, compassionate, life affirming person I've met in a long time. I still can't believe he won't be in La Manzanilla when I am down there the end of this month. I'm the person who bought Armando's house, he loved that house so much and so do I, his presence will be felt in every room. I miss you dear Armando, peace be with you.



Greg and I were shocked and sadden to hear of Armando's tragic death. He was a good man and we will miss his friendship.

Greg and Pam


Many of you have expressed a desire to write to Armando's mother to send condolences and. more importantly, to let her know how much he'll be missed. I'm sure she would appreciate hearing from all of you who were touched by his kindness and generosity. I still can't believe I'll never see him again.

His mother's name is: Irene Perreira Address: 322 Aoloa St., #601 Kailua, Hawaii 95734

Deanna and Darwin


We just heard the sad news about Armando. What a tragedy. We are so sorry for his friends and family.

Mary Jo and Tom


Very sad news. Will miss his presence in this imaginary world.




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