How I got to La Manzanilla Mexico - Peter and Judy

9/11 was our deciding factor into building in La Manzanilla.

Peter and I had traveled down to Mexico from Canada where Peter could recuperate from an illness. We wanted a country that was warm, easy to get to and not hard on the pocket book. We were recommended Barra as a starting point.

We were very relaxed and happy there for a week but it just wasn’t us. The beach was dangerous, not great for walking with heavy sand. We were having lunch at Ramons, our favorite restaurant in Barra, when we starting chatting with a young American couple who were backpacking around. They told us about La Manzanilla, how unspoiled it was and worth a visit. We took a taxi over and were delighted with what we saw.

So over the course of the next few years we rented in La Manzanilla, met some fabulous people and never felt the need to leave except for one trip overseas when 9/11 happened. It was such a struggle to get back to Canada, the enormous new problems at every airport that we had to go through, so all of the above made us decide to curtail world traveling and settle down in La Manzanilla. We are so happy now in La Casa de Judita designed by Ann Boslet with the help of Frank and built by Detroit Dave and his very wonderful workers; AND right on the most magnificent beach in North America with the most congenial and friendly people that one could ever wish to meet.

Judy and Peter Beardall

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